Montage of Krutch Kaddy crutch bag design

About Krutch Pack



Initially, the design was intended for use with A-Frame underarm crutches. However, going to market we found that the crutch bag was extremely beneficial for a different population; individuals who require the long term or permanent use of forearm crutches. Great care was taken to ensure maximum comfort and safety for the user.

Unlike other crutch bags on the market, the Krutch Kaddy® is very durable, easy to use, keeps items securely enclosed, and is so versatile it can also be used well after crutches are no longer needed.

Our mission is to make life easier for individuals requiring the use of crutches for an extended period of time. The best reward for designing the Krutch Kaddy® crutch bag is the multitude of thank you letters sent to us by users. The feeling is overwhelming, knowing that we are helping to make life easier for not only individuals using crutches, but those using walkers, wheelchairs and rollators as well.

If you or someone you know is on crutches let us know… at home, school, or work, KrutchKaddy® makes it so much easier to be on crutches.

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Nathalie A. Inho – President and Founder

Being on crutches is challenging, the two hands normally used to carry personal items are now otherwise occupied. The Krutch Kaddy® crutch bag offers the perfect solution to this dilemma and is a must have for anyone on crutches. Now that you know a little more about us.... we would love to hear from you.