The Krutch Kaddy

Think of it as a back pack…

 for your crutches

Care and Use of Your Krutch Kaddy®

Below you will find instructions for the following:

Using the Krutch Kaddy With A-Frame Crutches

Using the Krutch Kaddy With Forearm Crutches

Using the Krutch Kaddy With Walkers, Wheelchairs and Other Items

Caring For Your Krutch Kaddy

Using The Krutch Kaddy With A Frame Crutches

crutch bag
Step 1


1. Slip the foot of the crutch through the elastic backing located on the rear of your new Krutch Kaddy.
crutch bag crutch accessory
Step 2


2. Grasp the top of both the front and the elastic backing. Slide the Krutch Kaddy up along the crutch frame.
Crutch Bag Crutch Accessories, Krutch Kaddy
Step 3
3. As you get closer to the hand grips, stretch out the elastic backing, this will make it easier to slide the Krutch Kaddy into position.
Crutch Accessories crutch bag
Step 4


4. Position the Krutch Kaddy where it is most comfortable for you.


NOTE: You do not want it to interfere with the placement of your hand on the grip. We recommend 1-2” below the hand grip.


Using The Krutch Kaddy With Forearm Crutches

Using The Krutch Kaddy With A Frame Crutches

1. Turn the plastic Locking Nut counter clockwise until it slides freely up the pole. Push down the buttons located on each side of the crutch pole

2. Grasp the cuff and pull up off of crutch pole.

3. Slide the portion of the crutch pole located above the hand grip up through the elastic backing on the back of your Krutch Kaddy. 

4. Reattach the cuff to the crutch pole Making sure the push buttons lock into place before using forearm crutches frame. 

5. Extend the two straps located on the back of the Krutch Kaddy

6. Loop each strap up over and around the cuff so that the straps loops back up onto itself and two Velcro side meet at the back of the bag.

7. You may have some “extra” strap showing, you can tuck it into the elastic backing as shown.

8.  Your Krutch Kaddy is now securely in place and ready to use. 

- If you are unable to easily remove the cuff attachment:

Slide the foot of the crutch down between the elastic and the back of the Kaddy. Slide the bag up the pole. Getting the bag over the hand grip will take some effort. I needed two people. Stretch the elastic so that you can get the bag over the hand grip and onto the pole section between the cuff and the grip. Then loop straps up over the cuff and secure at back of Kaddy. The bag will rest between the cuff and the handgrip facing either to the side or to the rear of the crutch. 



NOTE: Straps are not needed on standard A-Frame crutches however they can be used for added security when carrying heavier items. The straps are primarily for use with forearm crutches or attaching the Krutch Kaddy to items other than crutches.

 Using The Krutch Kaddy With Walkers, Wheelchairs and other items 

Loop the two velcro straps up and over bar or pole on which you wish to attach the Kaddy. Once the straps have been attached to backing, tuck any loose part of the loop below the pole it into the elastic backing for added security.

How to care for your Krutch Kaddy:

You can machine-wash separately in cold water using a mild detergent.

Do not bleach. Air-dry only - no heat.